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Inclusion at UCR

Welcome to UCR’s Ethnic & Gender Centers 
You are a multifaceted individual — we all are — and the Ethnic & Gender Centers (E&G) is here to welcome and support the whole you during your journey at our university.

The University of California, Riverside (UC Riverside or UCR) is a campus that values diversity, equity, and inclusivity. And as part of Student Affairs, the E&G were created to provide Highlanders with a sense of belonging, a feeling of support, and the opportunity for learning in a relaxed and safe environment. Embedded throughout our entire organization, we work to ensure that students have multiple opportunities to grow as leaders in a diverse world. Our centers are fully committed to an academic culture that provides opportunities for all UCR students to develop multi-cultural competencies and be prepared to lead and succeed in a diverse world.



Welcome, Highlanders!

Learn more about the cluster of nine audience-specific resource centers that are holistically dedicated to supporting the campus community and upholding those values through education, events, programs, and more. Remember, although diverse in their audiences, each center shares the same sentiment — all are welcome.

Building Common Ground Vocab/Terminology

ASP center

African Student Programs (ASP)

Created in 1972, the African Student Programs office enhances academic, cultural, and social development and retains students of African descent. It promotes academic excellence by providing opportunities for students in their maturity as role models, leaders, scholars, and professionals.

APSP center

Asian Pacific Student Programs (APSP)

The Asian Pacific Student Programs office promotes a diverse learning environment, providing the UC Riverside community with opportunities to learn from and about the Asian and Pacific Islander student community.

CSP center

Chicano Student Programs (CSP) 

The Chicano Student Programs office develops a constructive environment for Chicano/Latino students and educates the general university population about the Chicano/Latino community. Founded in 1972, it remains the only existing Chicano student services department in the UC system.

Foster Youth

Foster Youth Support Services (FYSS)

The Office of Foster Youth Support Services provides a network of resources to students who are transitioning from the foster care system to adulthood in order to facilitate their successful pursuit of higher education. The program draws on the resources, strength, and support of our community to provide current and former foster youth (aged 16-25) with comprehensive college experiences and opportunities to explore and realize their full potential.


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center (LGBTRC) 

The LGBT Resource Center provides support, education, and advocacy regarding sexual orientation and gender identity for UC Riverside. Its mission is to cultivate a meaningful experience and to practice excellence in supporting, educating, and serving all students.


Middle Eastern Student Center (MESC)

The Middle Eastern Student Center supports intellectual exchange and encourages the study of Middle Eastern culture and history while promoting the advancement of higher education. The MESC fosters relationships to build inclusion, acceptance, and earnest communication with an emphasis on cultural diversity. We collectively pursue civic engagement and civil discourse as a means to promote mutual understanding. Within a changing campus climate, we create alliances and engage in meaningful conversations to meet the needs of the Middle Eastern student population at UCR.


Native American Student Programs (NASP)

The Native American Student Programs office provides educational, cultural, and social support for American Indian students. It also plans and implements innovative programs that promote and educate the campus community about the uniqueness of American Indians.

Undocumented Student Programs

Undocumented Student Programs (USP)

Undocumented Student Programs welcomes all DREAMers, students from mixed-status families, and undocu allies! No matter your immigration status or cultural background, you have an equal opportunity at UCR to get a quality education in a safe and friendly environment with resources to help you achieve your goals.

Women's Resource Center

Women’s Resource Center (WRC)

The Women's Resource Center offers campus safety programs, sexual assault and domestic violence support, student leadership opportunities, and special events connected to women's and gender issues. It offers educational opportunities and support to foster access, outreach, retention, equity, knowledge and skill development, safety, and a general sense of wellbeing.

Upcoming Ethnic and Gender Events